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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our mission is to share our stories and help other women overcome the stigma of using CBD products. We want to provide products that are designed by women for women.

We want all women to feel empowered to take control of their lives and not be judged by what they do or how they handle pain or discomfort on a daily basis. This is why we came together as a group of females from three different backgrounds to share the same message of strength and empowerment.

We want to provide products that are non toxic and eco friendly to provide a pure sense of being. We want to represent all the women that should be crowned and honored, to hold their head up high and to build each other up and raise awareness of ourselves and our self esteem.

Lynn Arcenal-Chan

After being a stay at home mom for over 16 years, Ling went back to work 3 years ago. She is currently the creative director for a real estate agency and a property manager for a rental property. Ling suffered severe psoriasis in her early 20’s. During her 2nd pregnancy, her psoriasis developed into psoriatic arthritis causing debilitating movement. Barely able to walk, she realized that she needed to do something in order to care for her toddler and soon to be newborn. She decided to meet with a rheumatoid arthritis specialist who suggested that she start treatment as soon as possible. So, after 3 months of nursing her newborn, she started an IV treatment. That was over 17 years ago. The treatment has been great but not always effective. That’s when she decided to try CBD as cannabis would give her feelings of psychosis. Her first try at CBD was in an oil form and had a difficult time consuming it as the oil texture did not sit well with her palate. The way pure CBD works, she is able to use it at her leisure without psychosis effects. She hopes to help others, particularly women who suffer from ailments who are seeking an alternate way of relief.

Ting Ponce

has worked in the Human Resources field for over 20 years. Currently the Vice President of Human Resources for a company dedicated to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. Her broad experience includes benefit administration, employee relations, payroll, recruiting, employee development, as well as mergers and acquisitions. Along with any job comes stress and anxiety, and being in this career sshshe has had no shortage of that. Wanting to stay away from western medicine, she began to research the medicinal effects of CBD. Reading all the benefits, she decided to test it out for herself. In the short amount of time, she noticed a change in her mood, better sleeping, no anxiety attacks, and she also noticed allot of her body aches started to diminish. Happy with the results, she introduced it to her family who suffer from severe eczema. The results from the eczema alone made her believe in the product even more. Since then, she began to share her personal testimonial and came to realize how helpful it could be to many of her friends who suffer from so many ailments…and this is how we started!

Rachel Zaragoza

Rachel has worked in the investment industry as an executive leader for over 18 years and in healthcare for over 6 years. She has always been very active and traveled coast to coast for corporate business and pleasure. In the last couple years she developed stage four endometriosis and is a carrier of the RAD 50 cancer gene. She underwent surgery to remove a tumor in her abdomen and was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and lupus. After multiple treatments and taking prescription medication the side effects were taking a toll on her other organs. She began to research the benefits of CBD and joined local women groups and chapters to educate her more. During this process she found numerous women looking for relief regarding anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, ADD, PTSD, osteoporosis, menstrual cramps, postpartum issues, menopause aliments and many more other conditions. CBD has proven to help other women and herself while still maintaining a work life balance. She hopes to help other women and make a difference by educating the benefits of CBD.